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He is good ALL the time!

What should we consider bad? Is it anything which fails to meet our expectations? Is it just those things which pertain unto sin? This passage examines aspects of God’s character and His direct involvement within the affairs of men.

1. God cannot sin.

Job 34:10-15 “Therefore hearken unto me, ye men of understanding: far be it from God, that he should do wickedness; and from the Almighty, that he should commit iniquity.”

2. God does allow the consequences of sin to occur.

“For the work of a man shall he render unto him, and cause every man to find according to his ways.”

3. His judgment is always fair and impartial.

“Yea, surely God will not do wickedly, neither will the Almighty pervert judgment.”

4. God is sovereign and nothing escapes His attention or intervention.

“Who hath given him a charge over the earth? or who hath disposed the whole world?”

5. No one shall escape His judgment.

“If he set his heart upon man, if he gather unto himself his spirit and his breath; All flesh shall perish together, and man shall turn again unto dust.”

LESSON - Because man has free will, He has the ability to live in accordance with God’s word which is a reflection of God’s character. However, we also have the ability to live contradictory to God’s word and partake of that which is in direct opposition to God’s character. Sometimes God is merciful, rescuing us from the consequences of our sinful actions as a result of our repentance. At other times, He allows us to experience the consequences of our sin to teach us valuable life lessons. What we learn from these experiences is that God is good all of the time and loves us unconditionally regardless of our level of obedience to Him. Whatever God deems most beneficial to conforming us more into His image determines whether we will experience His deliverance in times of disobedience or allow us to experience the consequences of our sin or others. Regardless of His response, God is always good, His ways are perfect, and His timing is impeccable. You may not always understand His working and you will not always agree with it, but whatever He is doing or allowing will ultimately prove right in the light of eternity because HE IS GOOD!!


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