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Are YOU experiencing God’s BEST?

Num. 2:34 “And the children of Israel did according to all that the LORD commanded Moses: so they pitched by their standards, and so they set forward, every one after their families, according to the house of their fathers. LESSON - If this verse had become indicative of Israel’s entire history, they would never have experienced the wilderness wanderings. Instead, like many Christians today they struggled with belief. Here is Wiersbe’s assessment of their spiritual condition prior to their failure at Kadesh-Barnea:

“Numbers has an important spiritual lesson for Christians today, as explained in (Hebrews 3-4) and 1 Cor. 10:1 and15. God honors faith and punishes unbelief. At the root of all of Israel's sins in the wilderness was unbelief: they did not trust God's Word. At Kadesh-Barnea they doubted God's Word and failed to enter into their inheritance. Instead of claiming Canaan by faith, they wandered in the wilderness in unbelief. Many Christians today are "in between" in their spiritual lives. They have been delivered from Egypt by the blood of the Lamb, but they have not yet entered into their inheritance in Christ. Canaan is not a picture of heaven. Rather, it is an illustration of our spiritual inheritance in Christ (Eph. 1:3), an inheritance that must be claimed by faith. Canaan was a land of battles and blessings, as is the Christian life today. Alas, too many Christians come to the place of decision (their own Kadesh-Barnea),and they fail to enter into their inheritance by faith! Instead of being conquerors (as described in Joshua), they become wanderers, as described in Numbers. Yes, they are saved, but they fail to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. They will not trust God to overcome the giants, knock down the walls, and give them the inheritance that He has promised. They will not cross Jordan (which illustrates death to self) and step out by faith to claim what Christ has promised them.

It is interesting to note that the nation did not grow during their wilderness wanderings. In fact, the second census showed 1,820 fewer men of war. The nation wasted thirty-eight years, endured unnecessary afflictions, failed to grow, and failed to honor God all the while they were on their "death march." This is what unbelief does to Christians. It wastes time, effort, and manpower and brings no real blessing. How sad it is when churches fail to step out by faith and, as a result, start to degenerate spiritually, numerically, and materially. May God help us to trust His Word!”

Are YOU experiencing God’s BEST?


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