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Judgment Part 1 - The Seals

The Tribulation begins soon after the Rapture of the churches. Here’s what awaits those who have rejected Christ:

1. 1st Seal - The Antichrist Rises to Power (6:1&2)

• He will conquer nations peacefully, notice the bow with no arrows.

2. 2nd Seal - War (V3&4)

• God will give the Antichrist authority to take peace from the earth.

3. 3rd Seal - Famine (V5&6)

• The affluent will enjoy their riches, while the poor will hardly get enough to eat.

4. 4th Seal - Death (V7&8)

• Death and Hades are shown here to reveal the temporal AND eternal impact of this judgment. God gives them authority to kill one-fourth of the entire world’s population!

5. Fifth Seal - Death of people saved during the Tribulation (V9-11)

• God will avenge their deaths.

6. 6th Seal - World Calamity (V12-17)

• People will know that Jesus is sending this judgment, but they will still reject Him! Instead, they will attempt to hide from His wrath. No one can hide from God!!

LESSON - The world will be ripe for the rule of the Antichrist. What he starts in peace will continue with ruthless conquest. Only the saved will escape this terrible series of events. Make sure that you’re one of us!!


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