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God wants fellowship with you.

Mount Sinai was a very special place in scripture. It was the place where God chose to commune with Moses, but also reveal Himself to His people. This is the message God told Moses to bring to His people.

1. God loves His people.

Ex. 19:4-6 “Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.”

2. We should reciprocate our love towards Him through obedience.

“Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant,”

3. In return, God’s hand of blessing will be upon us that we might bless others.

“then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:”

4. AND we will enjoy eternal fellowship with Him.

“And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation.”

LESSON - If we want to maintain close fellowship with the Lord, we must understand God’s hatred for sin as well as His overwhelming love for us. Notice what the people did in preparation for their encounter with God.

1. They separated themselves for God’s holy purpose.

V10a “Go unto the people, and sanctify them to day”

2. They performed ceremonial cleansing.

V10b “and to morrow, and let them wash their clothes,”

3. On the THIRD DAY, He did not come to judge (that happened at the Passover), but to fellowship with His people through their worship.

V11 “And be ready against the third day: for the third day the LORD will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai.”

V16-17a “And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled. And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God;”

Here we see another reference to the Lord Jesus through the worship of God on the third day. Maybe we should take greater consideration of our preparation to meet with Him this Sunday. He is worthy!


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